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Bus Repeaters

RT-3U, RT-6U, RT-104, RTM-27, RT-1VL
MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus Repeaters

Dual Redundant Bus Repeater Dual Redundant Bus Repeater
Bus Repeater Stand-alone Dual Redundant Bus Repeater
Wire-to-Fiber Converter
Wire-to-Fiber Converter

The Bus Repeater is a real time encoder/decoder repeater that filters and regenerates MIL-STD-1553 bus signals.

  • extends the bus or stub an additional 100 meters;
  • refreshes waveform, signal amplitude, phase and zero crossing;
  • induces a delay of approximately 1.5 us;
  • frees modular systems from reconfiguration problems;
RT-1VL is the twisted pair to fiber-optic (and vice versa) converter and repeater. It provides transfer from standard MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus to Fiber cable up to 2,7 km in length.
Fiber-optic transceiver has been developed in cooperation with VOSPI research center, tel: +7-095-7183844.

Application for the Bus Repeater can include:
  • Space Systems - reconfigurable elements or long bus lengths;
  • Multi-Stage Rockets - detachable stages without affecting bus performance;
  • Navy - cabling through watertight bulkhead or long cable lengths;
  • Connection to Data Bus (without affecting bus performance) through the Stub up to 1 km in length;
Cards Form-factor Modifications
RT-3U Eurocard-3U
  • Bus Repeater
  • Dual Redundant Bus Repeater
  • 1-to-3 Bus Repeater
RT-6U Eurocard-6U
RT-104 PC/104
  • Bus Repeater
RTM-27 Size:
134 x 90 x 25 mm
  • Stand-alone Dual Redundant Bus Repeater
RT-1VL Size:
90 x 95 x 14 mm
  • Wire-to-Fiber Converter


Document Size Last update
Datasheet (RUS) RT-3U Download 17kB 06.12.2002
Datasheet (RUS) RT-6U Download 66kB 06.12.2002
Datasheet (RUS) RT-104 Download 44kB 06.12.2002
Datasheet (RUS) RT-1VL Download 14kB 06.12.2002
Datasheet (RUS) RTM-27 Download 35kB 13.05.2010
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