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Processor unit in a PC/104-PLUS form-factor

ZFX86-PC104 contains the internal CACHE 8K which is configurated for operation in the mode of through and return writing. The return writing mode eliminates unnecessary write cycles to the external memory that raises the processor performance.
  • Powerful 32 bit processor ZFX86 (for the built - in systems);
  • Maximum processor frequency - 132 MHz;
  • Floating-point instructions are executed in a parallel way, by means of the math coprocessor;
  • Contains 32MB RAM;
  • BIOS FLASH - 256KB;
  • User FLASH memory up to 256MB;
  • Possibility of installation miniature (2 x 5 cm) FLASH DOM disk in the HARD disk connector;
  • Upgrade BIOS is realized through special JTAG or COM1;
  • Possibility of recording in the user FLASH through COM1;
  • Two COM ports;
  • Two USB ports;
  • FD controller ;
  • EIDE HD interface;
  • LPT port (EPP, ECP, SPP);
  • PC/AT keyboard, mouse;
  • Real-time clock;
  • The double counter for the watchdog timer;
  • Power consumption control;
  • ISA bus: PC104;
  • PCI bus: PC104- PLUS;
  • Mechanical outline: 90 x 96 x 16 mm;
  • Software: LINUX, MSDOS 3.X, 4.X, 5.X, 6.X, DRDOS, WIN95/98/NT;
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