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     ELCUS & DDC

    Since 2001 the Join-stock company "ELCUS" is an exclusive distributor of Data Device Corporation in Russia. DDC produces components for:
  • Data Bus Interfaces;
  • Remote Power Controllers;
  • Motion Feedback Technologies;
  • Motor Drives/Controllers.

    DDC continues in its role as the leading supplier of data bus components and boards. Bolstered by the recent introduction of the Enhanced Mini-ACE series as an encore to its previous ACE and Mini-ACE (Plus) generations, DDC continues to set the pace for MIL-STD-1553 data bus products in the United States and around the world. DDC's extensive line of military and space components and accompanying software products supports a full array of computers and microprocessors. In support of the commercial avionics market, DDC is a leading supplier of ARINC 429 components, including microprocessor interfaces, line drivers and receivers; as well as discrete interfaces. To supplement the component offerings in both markets, DDC also supplies a wide variety of 1553 and 429 board level products. These include ISAbus, PCI, PCMCIA, PMC, and VME/VXI boards, along with comprehensive software support, in the form of menus, libraries, and drivers. The board products include single-function "communication" boards, as well as high end tester/simulators to support system integration and production test environments.

    Solid-State Power Controllers (SSPCs) / Remote Power Controllers (RPCs) replace traditional electromechanical components in power switching and distribution systems. DDC is the world's largest supplier of RPCs based on the M1A2 (TANK) production contract. We are also the first to offer commercial and fully qualified MIL-PRF-38534, 883B screened, 28 Vdc RPCs. DDC's RPC's support computer control, based on real-time digital status reporting. Plus, they are equipped with instant trip, true I 2 T wire protection, and real time status outputs, with solid-state reliability. Included in the RPC product line are 270 Vdc units with current ratings of 2 through 15 amps, and 28 Vdc units from 1 through 80 amperes.

    DDC is the world's leading supplier of synchro & resolver conversion products for position feedback and a major supplier of motion feedback technology. Military and industrial applications range from radar, IR and navigation systems, fire control to flight instrumentation/ simulators, motor/motion feedback controls and drives to robotics systems. DDC's product line includes the smallest, most accurate synchro/resolver-to-digital and digital-to-synchro/resolver converters available, today. The product line will soon include innovative optical encoder interface devices. Most of these single chip and hybrid converters are based on custom monolithic designs, yielding the most reliable converters ever offered. Synchro/resolver cards, including multichannel and instrument grade for VME, PCI, ISA, PC/104, and VXI applications are available. DDC also offers a complete line of synchro/resolver test equipment, including such products as angle position indicators and simulators (bench top and board level). To complete the line there are oscillators, the new interfaces for encoders, and special functions (i.e., LVDT-to-digital or 2 speed combiner converter).

    Controlling movement and positioning in motion control systems requires components that can accurately control the power flowing through the motor. DDC is the premier manufacturer of hybrid motor drives and controllers for brush, 3-phase brushless, and induction motors operating from 28 Vdc to 270 Vdc requiring up to 18 kilowatts of power. Applications range from aircraft actuators for primary and secondary flight controls, jet or rocket engine thrust vector control, missile flight controls, to pumps, fans, solar arrays and momentum wheel control for space and satellite systems.
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