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ECE-0206-1C (ARINC429-USB)
Portable device for ARINC 429 control and debugging.

  • Independent receiving and transmitting of 32-bit words;
  • Editable Buffer of Rx / Tx word sequences;
  • Rx / Tx word sequences viewing;
  • Rx Buffer: 256 x 32-bit words;
  • Tx Buffer: 256 x 32-bit words;
  • Rx / Tx speed options: 12,5; 50; 100 KHz;
  • Receiving modes:
      to the parameter address
      on the word counter
      on the event of parameter
      on the route of parameter;
  • Cyclic or single transmitting of the packet up to 256 words;
  • Operations with or without parity bit;
  • Output signal level conforms ARINC 429 and GOST 18977-79;
  • Equivalent load of an input channel:
      RL not less than 20 KOhm,
      CL no more than 10pF;
  • Load of an output channel:
      RL not less than 600 Ohm
      CL no more than 10.000pF;
  • Dimensions: 195 x 100 x 40 mm (BOPLA case BOS800);
  • Weight no more than 400 gr.;
  • Power supply: four rechargeable batteries AA 1,2V or an external power source +18 - +36V;
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